Expedia +, the new rewards program Expedia.ca allows Quebecers now earn valuable points on travel 

Montreal, January 21, 2015  - Today officially launched Expedia Expedia.ca +, a new rewards program, which allows travelers to accumulate points on a variety of travel products and multiple platforms. Expedia + imposes no prohibition period for the exchange points, offers users the opportunity to earn even more points when they make their booking via the mobile app Expedia, and even allow consumers to juxtapose their travel benefits at other points programs. This new awards program was launched at a time when Quebecers are looking more than ever loyalty programs to help them maximize their travel budget.


According to a recent survey commissioned by Expedia.ca, Quebecers like rewards programs, and to a large extent, there have to realize their travel dreams. Half of Quebecers (50 per cent) is a member of a rewards program, while 76 percent say they would enroll in a new rewards program, making Quebec the most motivated throughout the province countries to join such programs.

"We are excited to launch Expedia +, which offers Quebecers a new way to earn and redeem points, and brings passengers of their next vacation, said Sean Shannon, Managing Director of Expedia.ca. It is rare to find a loyalty program that does not restrict you to an airline or a hotel while allowing you to use multiple programs simultaneously. Providing Choice and orders to members + Expedia reflects the essence of Expedia.ca, and as the largest online travel provider in Canada *, we wanted to offer a program that allows us to thank our customers their continued loyalty. »

Is not related to a hotel chain or a single airline, Expedia + members can earn points when making reservations at one of over 400 airlines, or one of 365,000 hotels in world of business, as well as some travel packages and rental cars offered on Expedia.ca. Also, the program does not impose a blackout period, which is ideal for 82 percent of Quebecers who reported no blackout adds a real advantage to a rewards program.


Among those who have already tried the rewards programs, 73 percent agree that they are worth, and they offer a real value. When it comes to knowing what they value the most, 71 percent of the members of reward programs agree that these programs facilitate saving for vacation. In fact, nearly half (40 percent) of the members reward programs argue rely on the program to be able to realize their vacation plans.


"We know how important it is for Quebecers to monitor and manage costs related to planning and booking their next vacation, said Mr. Shannon. Whether it's a romantic weekend or a foreign adventure, Expedia + offers Quebecers a smart and simple way to earn points that will serve them for their next trip while enjoying their stay current. »

Among other key findings of the survey Expedia.ca include:

· Quebecers love traveling - last year, 91 percent took vacations three times on average.

· Women (63 percent) are more likely than men (56 percent) to book a trip when they can use their rewards.

· In terms of age, those aged 18-34 years (72 percent) are more likely to agree on the fact that the rewards facilitate travel.


Earning Points is easy and can be done in many ways and on multiple platforms, including online and through travel app Expedia. More members Expedia + make reservations, the more they can redeem points for future hotel bookings and packages.

Unlimited flexibility means not only that members earn points by booking their own travel, but they can also win by making reservations for the family members and friends. The accumulation of base points is as follows:

· Earn 2 points for every dollar spent on hotels, hotel packages, activities and some car rental

· Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on flight packages and rental cars

· Triple your points by booking your trip on mobile Expedia

· Triple your points programs because you can accumulate points plus Expedia in addition flyer miles and all the points generated by the credit card used for your reservations

· For a limited time, earn double points on the packages booked this winter.

Through a three-tier structure (blue + silver + gold and +) Expedia members + access to many benefits VIP access +, which include bonus points a priority with the customer service and exclusive amenities. Free membership automatically gives participants the blue + status, including access to exclusive benefits such as guaranteed in the hotel's prices, tariffs for members only and exclusive travel deals. According to the survey of Expedia.ca, almost half (47 per cent) of Quebecers say that the rewards programs allow them to improve their travel experience.

Membership is free. Customers can join Expedia Expedia.ca + visiting www.expedia.ca/rewards .

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted on behalf of Expedia.ca by Northstar Research Partners, a consulting firm in strategic analysis globally integrated, with 1,000 Canadians, 24% of Quebecers are having a leisure trip last year and made reservations for another future trip. The survey was conducted between 12 and 15 December 2014. The sample was weighted to represent the Canadian population targeted by region. A random sample would give a margin of error of +/- 5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.


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For more information:

Annie Martineau

Veritas Communications

martineau@veritasinc.com/514 947-4522



* Source: comScore MMX, Canada, category online travel agents, January-November 2014

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