Expedia.ca poursuit ses efforts de développement de la technologie mobile, et propose d'importantes mises à jour de ses applications

Expedia.ca is continuing its efforts to develop mobile technology,

and offers important updates to its applications

The options of local activities and car rental in addition to flights and hotels to Expedia App

MONTREAL, July 9, 2015 - Expedia.ca MD , the largest online travel provider in Canada, today unveiled the latest update to its award-winning application. Expedia The free application has just added the ability to rent a car and to make bookings for local activities around the world, in addition to its wide selection of flights and hotels. These technology updates are just a few examples of Expedia commitment to provide a simple and reliable booking process while highlighting the best deals to his credit. "Expedia.ca has made ​​many technological advances this year reveal Sean Shannon, Managing Director of Expedia Canada. We strive to provide Canadians with truly intuitive tools to plan trips. We intend to simplify the mobile experience to put all the components at your fingertips, you spend months planning your trip or you're the type to book more spontaneous. "

With the latest additions to the Expedia app, customers can now choose from 26 vehicle suppliers worldwide, and make bookings in just a few clicks. Including the ability to book local activities out of its application, Expedia.ca now offers over 10,000 activities beyond 90 destinations via its mobile app. This includes trips, show tickets, spa treatments and a range of activities to meet the needs of Canadian travelers.

True mobile extension of the world-famous line booking tools to Expedia.ca, the Expedia app is the perfect travel companion, bringing the travel, accommodation and activities into one simplified mobile experience.

The qu'Expedia.ca has made ​​improvements to the mobile experience reinforces its commitment to strengthen all aspects of trip planning in one accessible format, making the app a single Expedia travel concierge services for travelers in appropriate time. Get more information about the app here .

About Expedia Canada

Expedia.ca is the online travel site's most visited full-service Canada. To help Canadians plan and book their travel, Expedia.ca provides the best combination of scheduled and charter flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, vacation packages, destination activities, cruises and 'travel insurance. Expedia.ca offers also available to customers of advisers that can be joined at any time by phone through a toll free number or by email.


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