L’application Expedia maintenant disponible sur Apple Watch

The Expedia app now available on Apple Watch

Alerts and timely information on the trips make Expedia.ca Apple Watch your most faithful travel companion.


TORONTO, April 24, 2015 - Expedia.ca MD , the online travel website offering comprehensive services busiest in Canada, today launched the Expedia app for Apple Watch, offering travelers a convenient new way to get useful travel information at a glance.


Available in the App Store , Apple Expedia.ca Watch is a useful solution providing travel notifications, previews and more to give users the data and confidence to a better travel experience.


"We know that today's travelers are looking for quick updates, workable and relevant, said Sean Shannon, Managing Director of Expedia Canada. They provide quick and easy access to this information is the essence of the Expedia application. This is a sign of our commitment to provide value to Canadians by facilitating their next trip and making it more enjoyable. »


Designed to ensure quick and easy interaction, the application passes the handles of travelers alerts and customized data at all stages of their journey. Its main features are:


·         Notifications: Get more than 20 different types of alerts about flight status, changes to the gate, hours of arrival and departure at the hotel, hours of recovery and return of car rental, and more.

·         views: Quickly view the most relevant information on bookings, as the hotel check-in time, addresses and maps. Just sweep the watch face up and scroll down the page to the left or right to access the information you need.

·         The App: Access routes your next trip to see detailed information on flights and hotels. Regarding flights, the application indicates the times of departure and arrival, the numbers of the boat gates and terminals. As for the hotel, it displays the arrival and departure times, maps, directions and phone numbers.


The Expedia app for Apple Watch is free and can be downloaded now from the App Store. To learn more, visit the blog of trips Expedia.ca .



Expedia.ca is the online travel site offering comprehensive services busiest in Canada. To help Canadians plan and book their travel, Expedia.ca provides the best combination of scheduled and charter flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, vacation packages, destination activities, cruises and 'travel insurance. Expedia.ca makes also available to customers counselors that can be joined at any time by phone through a toll free number or by email.


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Expedia.ca is owned and operated by Expedia, Inc.. Expedia, Expedia.ca and logo of the aircraft are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Expedia, inc. In the United States. Other logos, product names and company names contained herein are the property of their respective owners. © 2015 Expedia inc. All rights reserved. CST: 2029030-5030


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For more information:

Jess Leach

Veritas Communications

Leach@veritasinc.com / 416 955-4595.




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